calligraphy, desert landscapes, odd animal portraits


Eight months ago, I began almost exclusively using my brother’s laptop, a mac book Pro.  I never used it for blogging, and I am not sure why not.  I don’t know the password  .  .  .  haven’t even tried.  Since this computer has a no-longer-supported operating system that I am loathe to change, for the most part I have kept it offline.

I started a journal on the mac book, and in January I started an online course, I am on Day 143 of A Year to Clear what is Holding You Back, and have been using that in completion of emptying out of my storage under the house, the crawl space, and the stuff from the shed that we tore down at the exact wrong moment–there were a couple cease and desist and emergency clean-up letters from the landlord’s lawyer, and Paul B, Ann and Art came and helped me clean up the yard–there is now a pile of wood debris that has been settling on the property line since mid-April, with no indication that it will ever be taken away, unless I do it.

I have kept notes on much of the stuff I have gotten rid of, a long list of monitors, tools, clothing, books, kitchen stuff, debris, garden tools, furniture.  I have made huge changes in my life–I wish there was a way to “tip in” pages here.  A lot of big change in what I am now calling the studio- the rat-shit-garage framing shop, much cleaned, and updated.  Art and I moved all Jude’s things out of my side, I rearranged the tables and brought in my red rug at  I am gradually moving most of my art supplies there, and adjusting my view, spending more time there than when I thought of it as the Frame Shop, and the stink and dust was so bad.

re studio

May 2016, more spacious after moving tables

studio rug

June 2016, a little paint, a rug over the cracked floor


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